How to Record Calls on Your Android Device Without Using Any Apps

Recording calls on your Android device can be a useful feature to have, whether for work, personal, or legal reasons. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of recording calls on your Android device without the need for any third-party apps. It’s a handy skill to have, and we’ll explain it step by step.

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Step 1: Check for a Built-in Screen Recorder

Before we get started, it’s essential to check if your Android device already has a built-in screen recorder. Many modern Android phones come equipped with this feature. To find out if your device has it:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Look for the “Hidden” or “Additional” section. This is where certain less commonly used features are stored.
  3. Inside this section, search for the screen recorder option. If you find it, you’re all set. If not, we’ll guide you on how to add it to your app menu in the next step.

Step 2: Adding the Screen Recorder Icon

If you didn’t find the screen recorder icon in your app menu in the previous step, don’t worry. You can make it accessible by following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your device’s settings.
  2. Find the “Hidden” or “Additional” section.
  3. Within this section, look for the screen recorder option and tap on it to add it to your app menu.

Once you’ve completed this step, you should see the screen recorder icon in your app menu, making it easy to access whenever you need it.

Step 3: Recording a Call

With the screen recorder icon now available in your app menu, you can use it to record both incoming and outgoing calls on your Android device. Here’s how:

  1. When you receive or make a call, open the screen recorder from your app menu.
  2. Before you start recording, make sure to grant any necessary permissions. Typically, these permissions include access to your phone’s microphone and storage.
  3. Additionally, ensure that the recording includes audio from your phone by turning on sound recording.
  4. Begin the screen recording.

Step 4: Finishing the Call Recording

Once the call has concluded, stop the screen recording. The recorded call will be saved to your device’s storage. You can access it later from your gallery or the designated folder for screen recordings.

Step 5: Enjoy Call Recording Without Any Apps

That’s it! You can now regularly record calls on your Android device without the need for any third-party applications. This method offers a convenient way to keep track of important conversations or maintain a record of memorable calls.


Recording calls on your Android device can be a valuable capability, and you don’t need to rely on external apps to do it. By following these steps, you can easily record calls and have them readily available when needed.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to record calls on your Android device without using any apps. We hope you find this information helpful for your communication needs.

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